A Podcast Seeking to Dispel the Myth that Board Games are for Losers

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About The Podcast


Who Are We?

We are Darin (left) and Daron (right), also known as the Double D's, and have been friends and co-workers for the last 10 years.  We're both friendly and outgoing guys, except when trying to look tough in front of a romantic waterfall.  We both love to game, and both love to introduce new people into the hobby.  Darin, aka Original Recipe, is the older, more seasoned gamer.  He plays fast and loose with his board game purchases, which is reflected by his ever growing collection.  Daron, aka Extra Crispy, is the younger, more handsome, but less seasoned gamer.  Pulled into the hobby by Darin, he has embraced gaming, but has a smaller collection and carefully scrutinizes all his purchases. 


Why Do a Podcast?

For many months, a co-worker had been making fun of our gaming habit, especially our annual trip to the World Boardgaming Championships.  She just couldn't fathom how normal adults were playing board games.  Then, Darin introduced her to Dominion, and she was hooked.  She wanted to play all day every day.  So we realized that boardgaming was getting a bad rap, and we needed a way to show people gaming could be fun and (gasp) even cool!


What's the Goal of the Podcast?

The goal of our podcast is to introduce non-gamers into the hobby and/or move casual gamers into more serious games.  Getting into gaming can be intimidating, and we seek to provide recommendations and guidance on games to play and games to add to your collection.  We also want to get really famous, make a fortune, and trade in our wives for trophy wives.  But we'll see how that goes.  Really, we just want an excuse to game more and hear ourselves talk.

Types of Episodes You Can Expect to Hear

Look Who's A Loser Now!

Our signature episode!  We find non or casual gamers and do an in-depth, sometimes wildly off-topic, interview of them.  We scientifically analyze the answers and then pick the ideal game for them.  We conduct a post game interview to discuss their experience and see if we have turned them into a loser!

The Losers Pick A Winner

Quick reviews of light to middle weight games.  Tailored towards our target audience, we hope this will provide new/casual gamers with good suggestions for starting out or expanding their collection.  And for those experienced gamers, maybe you can find a game you had overlooked.

Loser Talk

The Double D's talk about a random board gaming topic.  These episodes will include convention recaps, year-end lists, and occasionally some mad board game rants.  

Inebriated Nonsense

Because the rest of our episodes are super serious, we need a way to cut loose!  During inebriated nonsense, a minimum Blood Alcohol Content will be required to participate.  Episodes will include board game related trivia and other games that we play with guests.  

That's Ridiculous!

In this board gaming equivalent of Shark Tank, Darin will describe a product he has purchased that is designed to "enhance his board game experience".  Daron and a special guest will listen skeptically, ask pointed questions, and ultimately decide if the purchase was ridiculous.   

And Much Much More!

Or maybe just a little more?  As the podcast evolves, we will be looking to expand our content and try out new types of episodes.  If you have suggestions or feedback, please let us know!


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Board Games are for Losers